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Bible School in the Middle East - March 2013

"Our school's focus is the Gospel... Are you prepared to catch fish?!"

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Zemhret from Eritrea told us:

"You help make preaching of the gospel to our own people easier as we can give out free Bibles to them!"

Tekle from Erithrea said:

"We send these free Bibles back to our country."


Bibles for Arabs in the Middle East

We travel to Muslim countries in Middles East and distribute free Bibles in Arabic. We have been on a number of road trips into Palestinian territories, gving free Bibles along the way.

They are Muslims but they were happy and grateful to receive the 'Injil' (The New Testament).

We believe this is the best peace process that is happening in Middle East - when Arabs and Jews have a chance to read the Word of God for themselves and receive the message of hope and love.

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